My name is Steffen Bauch and I am a software developer from Leipzig, Germany. My current focus is on network programming, especially on high performance technologies for network optimization and monitoring. I think it is an interesting task to make networks faster, more reliable and more secure, even if I know that not all of these things might be done at the same time.

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Areas of interest

Look at some of the things that are interesting to me.

Software development

I have been a programmer since childhood and wrote my first programs in BASIC on the Commodore 64 platform. Nowadays I prefer C and Python.

Information security

Due to my professional background in communication technology I am aware of the countless vulnerabilities that are created by complex systems. I try to understand and fix what is not working.

Math and algorithms

While clearly not being an expert in that area, I have a vivid interest in math and algorithms. I consider hashing, pattern matching and signal processing most interesting and prefer discrete mathematics over calculus and analysis.

Travel and languages

Being a curious person I enjoy travelling. My farest journeys have led me to central and south-east asia, but I also like the mediterian region.

Robotics and electronics

Due to national and international participation in the Eurobot competition I gained basic knowledge in the field of autonomous robotics and embedded systems. I believe that robots will change our future.

Ubiquitous Computing

My smartphone and my computer are the connection to the digital world, but how will the future look like? Invisible computers will by everywhere, forming an ambient intelligence, the Internet of Things. Will that be good?

Work and education

What I have done so far.

I have studied computer science and communication technology in Chemnitz and Dresden and received an engineering diploma in 2008. During my studies I performed software development internships in the areas of satellite communication and electronic device manufacturing. Since 2008 I have been working in the research and development department of ipoque GmbH, a vendor of internet traffic management and analysis solutions.

Likes and dislikes

Some things are better than others. Sometimes.



Secure communication

For secure communication please use my GPG key.

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Geek code

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Steffen Bauch
Wettiner Str. 26
04105 Leipzig

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